Real-Construct Ltd., with its headquarters in Kraków, is a medium size construction contractor established in 1994, employing about 200 people. Throughout these years we have created a team of experienced engineers and highly qualified workers with know-how and skill in the leading-edge construction and installation technologies.

Our company has had the opportunity to work on prestigious building sites worldwide providing construction and installation services in a wide range of projects. Our international activities include project delivery in many European countries as well as in such destinations like China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey and USA.

We guarantee high quality and on-time completion of our works.
In 2012 we started up as property developer. We would like to invite you to co-operate with us. We can guarantee on-time completion and high quality of our works.


Mechanical Machinery Installation And Assembly Services Equipment

In this category, among the most frequently provided services are mechanical installations of various production lines. These are mostly car-assembly lines, conveyors, painting lines, warehouse automation systems, sorting lines, building materials production lines, heat treatment furnaces, pneumatic transportation systems, ventilation shafts, etc. Apart from that, we install electrical wiring for the installed machinery.

We also provide plant relocation and plant decommissioning services including - where necessary - equipment identification, disassembling, loading, unloading and reinstallation in a new place.

We have a solid team of welders with the know-how of any welding technique. Additionally we offer deliveries of prefabricated steel structures.
Efficiency, high quality, speed, on-time completion have all been appreciated by our demanding clients.

Services In Building Sector

We specialize in high-class office space and a variety of high-end commercial buildings. We have built hundreds of bank premises, showrooms, boutiques, shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, but also a number of petrol stations, many impressive façades of public buildings as well as many square meters of sophisticated façades of industrial buildings at nuclear power station.

Most of our works are done as full service, including M&E installations and fitting out of the interiors. The quality of our work is appreciated even by the most demanding clients, who very often return and commission us to perform further work packages.

Property Development

Please visit Real Inwestycje website.


The strongest pillar of Real-Construct are our employees. Majority of our employees have been connected with us for years, and they believe there is future for them in our company. We take great pride in our employees who have gained their high qualifications and experience while working on building sites in almost all European countries, and beyond.
Our employees raise their qualifications by participating in specialist training sessions organised by us.
We now have the second generation of skilled employees working for our company.